Health (anatomic) pillows

This is a line of specially developed pillows for comfortable sleep and relaxation. These products are especially effective in stress prevention for the head and neck. Materials used in producing these pillows is the same as with the Clivie+ line, so they are machine-washable in temperatures up to 95°C. Please follow instuction symbols when washing for best results.

Medical 40×60 cm

This specially shaped pillow with elevated center (see photo) ensures relaxed neck muscles during sleep. Padding: 1000 grams of designer polyester hollow fabric.

Profile pillow 50×70 cm

Optimally shaped for a peaceful and relaxed sleeping experience. This pillow is padded with 500 grams of polyester beads.

Combination pillow

This product is a combination of an anotomic and classic style pillow. With standard pillows, velcro is used to seal the cover, eliminating lumps in the pillow to ensure the neck and head remain in an optimal position. The position of the collar is adjustable and the pillow’s shape can be changed to suit individual needs. The adjustable collar is also removable.

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