Nanofiber material is the only 100% effective fabric barrier against penetration of allergens into beds and beddings. This material  is manufactured with the modern textile technologies using  advantage of the unique barrier quality of submicron fibers (nanofibers). The nanofiber layer does not let the allergens to pass through but at the same time this technology does not decrease the permeability of final product so air as well as humidity may pass through.

Fabrics with nanofiber layer are also suitable for production of medical materials which must prevent penetration of viruses and bacteria. This is achieved on the basis of mechanical barrier. Pores size in the nanofibers structure is significantly smaller than the size of microorganisms.

Textiles with a layer of nanofibers can be used, for example, in the production of medical clothing or and surgical masks.

It should be used if there are gaps in your history of employment or you have a limited experience in the particular field