The Clivie+ collection is a line of products featuring quilted blankets, cushions and pillows. This line is available in many sizes and offers a wide range of models with everything from adult relaxation to kids pillows and blankets. Clivie+ products are made using quality fibres and are reinforced to withstand washing temperatures of up to 95°C, guaranteeing mite and tick extermination and ensuring a 100% hygiene rating. These products may be tumble-dried at temperatures up to 60°C. Thanks to its durability, the Clivie+ line is also preferred in the public sector, e.g. hotels, hospitals, and etc…

The Clivie+ line is made with hollow conjugate fabrics supplied by Wellman of Ireland. These light, fluffy products have good thermal insulation qualities to provide optimal warmth and comfort. Unlike natural materials such as down or fleece, hollow conjugate fabrics act as a repellent to dust mites and other allergens.

Clivie+ is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. The high quality provided by these products has been approved by the Community for research and testing of organic fibres in Hohenstein, Germany Öko-Tex Standard 100, ITC Zlin (a state authorized inspection) and this line is also ISO 9001 certified.

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