Futon mattresses originated in Japan as part of a centuries-old tradition and are gaining in popularity in today’s “western world”. Futon is a highly hygienic, 100% natural product. Futon quality depends on the length of fabric in interior padding. In our production we use wool combings, coconut fibres and wool.

Futons provide an entirely different feeling of comfort than the spring mattresses commonly used here in the Czech Republic. Even though futons have undergone minimal changes over the past few decades and have remained practically unaffected by modern technology, the Japanese have been reported to suffer less from back pain than any other society in the industrial world. No chemical substances are used in their production, making them very environmentally friendly. Futons are also very versatile and can be used either as a bed or sofa and their covers are removable for easy washing. Thanks to their light frame, futons are more easy to manipulate than traditional beds and they can be easily disassembled and moved by car. Futons also come in various sizes.

Mattresses can be ordered either seperately or with folding wooden frames.

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