Camel fur

Camel hair is smooth, soft and very close-fitting high-grade hair. It features extremely good properties for temperature control, be it warm or cold.

Camel hair used in our products is mainly imported from Central Asia (China and Mongolia). Soft lower hair protects camels from extreme temperatures common to this region, which can range from -20°C to +50 °C. This soft  hair is regularly shed by animals during the spring and is then collected for export. One camel can shed up to 3,000 grams of hair per year. Camel fur is almost totally straight so it is sometimes blended with wool to increase mass.

Blankets made from camel hair are available in two options, either as a high quality padding or as a cover material blended with 100% cotton of corresponding quality. Cover materials are also available with no no cotton blend.

Blankets made with camel fur are very popular abroad, but the demand is growing in the Czech Republic, as well.

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