quilts and pillows producer

Why choose 2G?

customized production

large production capacities

modern technology

presence in the market since 1995

TZU (Textile Testing Institute) and ITC (Institute for Testing and Certification) certified products

quality and reliability

Who we are?

2G company s.r.o. is family business, established by Mrs. and Mr. Glogar in 1995.

The company has followed local tradition of wool blanket production, typical for Hornacko region. A dynamic development within entire 90´s brought essential enlarging of production range. Nowadays the company manufactures quilts, pillows, pads, overbeds, bed linen and various accessories for healthy sleeping, as well as mattress and in particular upholstery cushions. At present 2G is the largest producer of quilts, pillows and upholstery cushions in both Czech and Slovak republics. Over 100 employees work for 2G at the moment.

Long-standing relationships with ITC Zlín (a state-authorized inspection company in the field of product quality and safety assessment) and TZU in Brno (a textile testing institute) have been built. The company is member of ATOK (an Association for the textile, clothing and tanning industries) and of the Brno Upholsterer and Decorator Guild. We are authorized to use “Quality Zone“ and “Genuine Czech“ labels, yet another proovement of production quality. We have also been affiliated with Czech Trade, an agency supporting Czech export, over the past several years; a relationship which has led to the steady increase of our foreign trade revenue. Now over 70% of the production is exported. Our main trade markets are the neighbouring countries and Hungary, but our products have customers in majority of European countries, Russia and Georgia, even in Africa.

What we produce