Micro – climate Cirrus

Cirrus products from Wellman International, Ireland, introduce a new generation of hollow fabric products. Unique copolymer polyester and other modifications to fibre covers provide the following advantages:

  • hydrophylic properties and moisture control
  • soft, smooth finish
  • volumous, durable and insulated
  • thus combining the advantages of both organic and synthetic fibres.

The human body releases about half a litre of water while we sleep. Our bedding is not only comfortable, it also keeps your bed warm and dry for optimal rest. Cirrus fabrics do not absorb moisture released by the body, releasing it, instead, into the air, and ensuring that the optimal bedding microclimate is maintained. Less moisture also means less microorganisms.

Cirrus fabrics provide luxury and comfort as well regulated warmth and moisture. Cirrus products make for a clean feeling and fresh bedding – continuously! Better quality of life thanks to high quality sleep.

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